Todd & Jessica

Todd Gamey moved to Fernie right after graduating high school, from ‘small town’ Manitoba. Jessica is originally from Calgary, AB and after high school attended university and then travelled. “I came to Fernie when I was 26 for one season, hoping to be near my family for a year before going back to school… and that was seven years ago,” she says. 
“Todd and I began dating after my first winter here in the early summer of 2014 and I pretty quickly knew I wasn’t going to be leaving anytime soon.”
The two were married this summer, and also own a home in Fernie, have jobs they both love, two dogs and a cat… and a baby on the way! We think Jessica is right – they’re here to stay!
Jessica has worked in the wedding industry in Fernie for some time and once engaged, was set on having their wedding here. “It gave us a chance to involve so many amazing vendors that had become our friends over the years. We wanted to celebrate with the vendors as much as our guests!” she says. 
“Obviously, things took a big turn this year as we had to cut our guest list from 80 to 11 and quickly re-plan our wedding. None of that would have been possible if it wasn’t for our army of amazing friends and vendors that took on the challenge of throwing our new wedding plans together in a matter of weeks.”
Jessica and Todd used Angela Magliocco of Silver Lining Events as their wedding planner. “She pulled off the most incredible organization and decor, even enlisting the help of the neighborhood kids to help create our 1920’s themed decorations. Ang went above and beyond to make sure there was zero stress on us on what was an obviously stressful situation.”
Leanne Nanninga from Born to Adventure Photography encapsulated their day. “Leanne was so incredibly flexible and produced the most incredible photos and photo albums for us. She took the time to scope out all these amazing locations and was so patient.”
With insider connections, ‘Local Legends’ Kevin McIssac and Lori Gadsden graciously offered their beautiful property for Jessica and Todd to set up the outdoor ceremony and reception. Patti’s Party Rentals provided the tent, “she always comes through! And  Barrie Elliot from Fernie Catering Company came on last minute to do our full custom menu for the day and totally nailed it.”
They used Sparrow for Hair to execute the 1920s look. “They pulled off the most incredible  hair-dos on the day of the wedding without the chance for a trial first.”
Lynn Rogers was their commissioner, and provided a funny and personalized ceremony! And Jess’ custom ring was created by Jeweller Kelty Pelechytik. 
“Our other ‘vendors’ included the army of friends that helped out, Chelsea from the Green Petal did my flower arrangements, Andy Ward from the Fernie Distillers helped with our custom barrel-aged cocktails a year before the wedding, my bar manager Danielle from Cirque did my sister and my makeup when makeup artists weren’t allowed to practice!”
Congratulations, Todd and Jessica. The collaboration with local vendors, friends and family is truly inspiring and heart warming! We look forward to meeting the newest addition to the Gamey family. 
What is your favourite moment of your wedding day?
How intimate it was. 2020 was a really tough year. We appreciated being there with those who could make it so much. We set up our tables in a square so everyone was facing each other and it felt like a big family dinner. Everyone at the wedding had a chance to make a speech and be in all the photos together. There was really no pressure on the day. A million little things went wrong but it never seemed to matter.
What advice would you give other couples planning their own wedding?
Pick the things that are the most important to you and budget outwards from there. I have worked in the wedding industry for over 10 years and you can always tell which elements of the wedding the bride and groom included out of a feeling of necessity instead of importance. I have spent years seeing no one dance in front of an expensive DJ, party favours all left behind, fancy wedding cakes ignored. Your wedding doesn’t need to have it all! Todd and I have worked for years in the hospitality industry and I knew that we needed good food, booze and a wedding planner so I didn’t instinctively start working my own wedding. Meanwhile, my dress cost less than $500 and lots of the creative elements of the wedding, playlist, hair, makeup, etc., was completely left up to the creative control of those around me. 
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Photographer: Born to Adventure
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Todd & Jessica