Miranda & James Charles

Fernie wasn't even a consideration when Miranda and James began planning their wedding. Miranda was temporarily living just north of Skagway, Alaska, and James was in Prince Rupert, where they were both posted for work. “James’ family is from Manitoba, mine from Ontario. Most of his friends were in Alberta or on Vancouver Island, and mine were in Ontario and BC. So no matter where we chose to get married, everyone was going to have to travel,” says Miranda.

James was interested in a destination wedding, but was drawn to a beach resort so he could celebrate for a week with his friends. Miranda, on the other hand wanted a winter wedding in the mountains. “So we compromised (that's what a marriage is all about, right?) by settling for a destination wedding in the mountains, with a beach honeymoon,” she adds.

They decided on March in Fernie, BC and were happily surprised by beautiful weather and still a lot of snow on the ground. Miranda and James celebrated with 80 guests along with their three dogs who stood with James at the alter. They selected the Elk View Lodge for the ceremony and reception, with amazing views of the Lizard Range and tucked away just outside of Fernie in its own little mountain paradise. The couple wrote their own vows to compliment traditional ones, and had the friend who introduced them perform the ceremony. “We partied late into the night with the guests and were actually the last ones on the dance floor (we really didn't want the night to end!),” remembers Miranda.

In the end, Miranda and James had the celebration they were both looking for. James was able to spend a week with his friends and family celebrating, enjoying all that this town has to offer from a brewery tour to helicopter rides, and Miranda had her winter wedding in a mountain destination. And, a honeymoon on the beach was definitely the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Why did you choose to get married in Fernie?
I wanted a winter wedding in the mountains with a rustic cabin, my husband wanted a place where friends and family could hang out for the week... it was all about the location and venue coming together perfectly.

Favourite moment on the wedding day?
I think we both loved watching my 90 year old Grandpa teach all the ladies how to dance!

Advice to those planning their wedding day?
Your wedding day is just one day; focus on the things that matter most to you and prioritize them. Your vows and guests should be high up on that list. Your vows are the foundation of your marriage, be honest and live by them. Host your guests properly - small details don't matter; sharing your joy with family and friends does. And hire a good photographer; so when the day is over, you have amazing pictures to look back on.

Unique Wedding Details
Cooks Catering, whom also made an ice cream buffet instead of a wedding cake.

Raven Eye Photography, which included a helicopter ride to take pictures on the Three Sisters and a fly by of the Elk View Lodge where the couple were greeted by their guests waving from the patio.”

Fernie Brew Co! We took a brewery tour the day before the wedding and had our guests choose their favourite beer for the kegs.

Miranda and James made playlists of their favourite music on iTunes.

Miranda & James Charles