Maude & Jody Weinper

A multicultural and streamlined affair, Maude and Jody Weinper’s wedding is definitely among the most characteristic weddings we have seen. The couple was currently living in Fernie, and were excited to share this location and their lives with their friends and family. With such different backgrounds, a Catholic, French-Canadian and a Jewish Canadian, they were straying from the norm as everyone else in their families had gone the traditional route.

“The goal for was to maximize time spent time together and with our family. We didn’t want it too formal, and wanted people to be comfortable. We were excited to host a big party that was family friendly, where people could have fun, wear what they felt like wearing, and be social,” says Maude.

They booked a chalet at Fernie Alpine Resort and hosted the entire event there. The Ceremony was in the backyard overlooking the Lizard Range, which was immediately followed by a BBQ style dinner catered by the Blue Toque for 80, with additional guests arriving for the dance. Maude purchased her dress of Etsy, and as a chic seamstress made alterations to create the exact look she was after. These elements along with a million others, such as creating their own invitations to decorating themselves, Maude and Jody’s wedding reflected their personalities, which is what they had hoped for.

Why did you choose to get married in Fernie?
It’s beautiful, since a lot of our guests are not from Fernie it was a great way to show them why we love Fernie. Share our everyday life with all of the out of town guests.

Favourite moment of your wedding day?
Taking the photos. It was a beautiful, hot day in Fernie. Matt Kuhn had picked the locations for us and had the vehicle stocked with beverages, snacks, blankets, and music. We were driving with the windows down, all done up. It was a highlight. It was a great way to start the day.

What advice would you give those planning their own wedding day?
Do what you want to do - it’s your day. That was our go-to question – are we doing this because we think we should or because we want to?

Unique Wedding Details
Rehearsal Dinner

At the Blue Toque for family and friends from out of town. It was Canada day, so they were able to watch the fireworks from the deck.

Had a friend make wild flower arrangements that fit their style perfectly.

As a local DJ, Jody had a number of friends come up to specifically play music for their big day. The party lasted into the early hours of the morning…

Local photograph Matt Kuhn captured the special day.

Opted for cupcakes by Sweet Cakes.

Maude & Jody Weinper